Our History For Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law can be traced to 1903 when a “Branch of Sharia Judges” was established in the Gordon Memorial College

In 1936 , the branch was upgraded to a school of law which was responsible for teaching law. It awarded diploma in law under the supervision of the judicial secretary. In 1947, the School of Law became a College within the University College of Khartoum affiliated to the University of  London. This College became the Faculty of Law following the change to the University of Khartoum in 1956. Before 1971, the Faculty of  Law used to award two separate degrees: Bachelor of Laws (Sharia) and Bachelor of Laws (Civil). In 1971, the two degrees were merged  into Bachelor of Laws.

The Faculty also runs a clinical programme under which students are attached to courts and other legal professions in order for them to appreciate the working of law and gain practical experieance. In addition, the faculty also organizes mock trials and moot court competitions.     

A close examination of the subjects taught in the Faculty since its inception shows that the curriculum was designed to meet the  requirements and demands of the legal profession (i.e. the judges and advocates) as well as legal counselors in the Ministry of Justice.